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Sunday, February 26th, 10:00 AM

Simply Pray

Alison Fleming, Lay Leader

The spiritual practice of prayer, shared by many religions, can be tricky and elusive for Unitarian Universalists.  As UUs, we may get bogged down in questions such as “if prayer is about building a relationship, to whom do we relate?”  In this service we will explore the possibility of building a spiritual practice based on four forms of prayer as introduced by Unitarian Universalist Minister Erik Walker Wikstrom in his book “Simply Pray”.

Alison Fleming is a lay worship leader who has been attending Foxborough Universalist Church for 13 years.  Before joining the congregation she explored multiple UU congregations, but found a true home with our community in Foxborough.  Alison is married to Tim Lynch and has 3 children (Ryan, 12; Sean, 8; Nate, 2).  Alison holds a BS and a PhD in chemical engineering and has a full-time career in pharmaceutical development.


The Seven Principles

We are now on the 6th week of reflection on the Seven Principles—the shared covenant we have with one another—to walk together in the spirit of love. 

This week we highlight the 6th Principle: The Goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Reflection on the Sixth Principle:

“The sixth Principle seems extravagant in its hopefulness and improbable in its prospects. Can we continue to say we want ‘world community’? ‘Peace, liberty, and justice for all’? The world is full of genocide, abuse, terror, and war. What have we gotten ourselves into?

“As naïve or impossible as the sixth Principle may seem, I’m not willing to give up on it. In the face of our culture’s apathy and fear, I want to imagine and help create a powerful vision of peace by peaceful means, liberty by liberatory means, justice by just means. I want us to believe—and to live as if we believe—that a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all is possible. There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but I can assure you that we will improve ourselves and improve the world by trying.”

—Rev. Sean Parker Dennison, Tree of Life Congregation, McHenry, IL (read more from Sean in The Seven Principles in Word and Worship, ed. Ellen Brandenburg)

An in depth and frank exploration of the Sixth Principle is found in Rev. Megan Foley’s sermon The Trouble with the Sixth Principle.


Foxborough Universalist Church is a vibrant and growing congregation of people working to connect with a sense of greater meaning, purpose, and belonging. We are gathered by love, guided by love and energized by love in our efforts to help heal the world. 


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