Meet Our Staff

Fall 2016 - Continuing as a Lay Lead Congregation
After a wonderful 1st year as a lay lead congregation, we are continuing on this path for the 2015-2017 church year.  Our community is a passionate, diverse group dedicated to the church.  We have much to offer and we look forward to seeing new faces each Sunday to join us in this journey.

    "Lay-led congregations" are ones that lead themselves without a full-time minister.  Unitarian Universalism has a proud history of congregational lay leadership that can be traced to the Fellowship Movement that began in 1948.  

For more reading on what it means to be a lay led congregation.


Lisa Benoit, Director of Religious Education

Lisa Benoit is a long time member of our congregation.  Prior to serving as our Director of Religious Education, Lisa was a teacher in our RE program for several years.  With her passion for education, youth programming and the Unitarian Universalist denomination, Lisa continuously looks for ways to  bring a meaningful experience to children of all ages in our church community.  You can reach Lisa by emailing her at

Krisanthi Pappas, Music Coordinator

Krisanthi Pappas provides music for our Sunday worship services.  She works closely with the minister to ensure that music selections complement the rest of the service, accompanies hymns, and provides solo pieces at various points in the service.  She also works to incorporate members of the congregation who play instruments into services.  Occasionally Krisanthi will lead a non-audition vocal ensemble to sing for a service.

In addition to her involvement at Foxborough Universalist, Krisanthi is a songwriter and jazz singer and musician who performs throughout the Boston area.  She has won numerous awards including most recently being the second place jazz winner of the Billboard Songwriting contest.  You can reach Krisanthi by emailing her at