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Transitions - A message from our minister

posted Oct 13, 2013, 11:37 AM by Leah Jeri
We’re on the cusp of Autumn, anticipating the glorious seasonal transition from the summer to the fall, which, at least here in New England, is blessed with a display of natural beauty that’ll take your breath away. And, this year because of an early cold snap, the meteorologists are predicting a particularly glorious show of colors. This is an awesome gift to the senses, and we’re so fortunate to live in a place where we can revel in it. This is a time of transition in which I am happy to live. 
But, there are transitions and there are transitions. When it comes to transitions in my personal life, I find that I like the “concept” a lot more than I do the experience of being in the middle of one. Transition brings change, and change is rarely easy. It requires us to give up some of what keeps us comfortable in our lives – a sense of control and certainty. 
William Bridges points out transitions have three stages: something ends…you spend some time in space of uncertainty and unknowing…and then something new is born. It is so hard to let things we know and are used to end – even when they may not be doing us any good. And living in the uncertain space of limbo, well…it can be terrifying. But, we will find our way to a new beginning. 
And, aren’t these three stages exactly what we need to go through as part of the spiritual journey? Isn’t this what transforming our lives is all about? Isn’t it about giving up what keeps us living divided lives, and trusting that with the care and support and encouragement of our community we can find our way to our best selves – our whole selves? That’s why it’s called “faith.” 
This month we’ll be looking at different kinds of transitions: some we choose and some that are thrust upon us. As unsettling as some transitions can be, they are the price of growth and transformation. And as UUs and as members of the Foxborough Universalist Church, transforming our lives and our world to the best they can be is what we are all about. 
In Spirit, 
Rev. Tim