Kids and Youth Programs

Religious Education Program Now Enrolling!
At Foxborough Universalist Church, we offer Religious Education classes for children  during our Sunday morning worship services (10AM to 11AM).  Our program has open enrollement and children are welcome to participate in our classes as visitors at any point during the year.  If you are visiting for the first time with children, please arrive early so that we can introduce ourselves to you and place your child with the appropriate age group.
Our Religious Education (RE) classes are organized and led by church members.  The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has provided many of the materials used to create our curricula.  We also supplement our classes with a series of activities, service projects, and intergenerational services for all ages.  We strive for a broad understanding of our own and other faiths from around the world and focus on building a respectful, compassionate, spiritual community.
Our curriculum varies from year to year depending on the age groups enrolled, but the following illustrates the class programs for the 2014-2015 church year.
This group will continue with the Tapestry of Faith curriculum: Moral Tales.  
Junior/Senior Youth (Middle-High Schoolers)
This group will continue to use the Compass Points curriculum which guides adolescents on a yearlong spiritual journey with opportunities to explore their identities, their beliefs, their Unitarian Universalist faith, their relationships with others and their connections to the world.
Seniors in High School will have the opportunity to assist and work on projects creating items for our newly updated Hall/RE space.  The projects will range from art based as well as building dividers.  

Nursery Care
Nursery care is available for young children from 0-4 years of age during worship service   from 9:45-11:15.  

Youth Group (Middle School and High School aged youth)
We are proud to be participating in a shared youth collaboration with 6 other UU congregations.  The group meets once per month (first Friday) as a chance to interact and share experiences with other youth beyond our own church.   
Our youth also are able to participate in district wide youth "CONS"  (youth conferences) and social events.