Visiting with Children

Sure, bring the kids!
Youth and children are an integral part of the congregation and also have a community of their own in which they can explore religion, spirituality, and values while having fun together.  They participate in worship.  They serve the community.  They contribute their talents to Sunday mornings.
Visitors are encouraged to bring their children. You can keep your infant or toddler with you in the sanctuary or leave them downstairs with our capable and experienced childcare provider.  Older children are age grouped for a religious education program that emphasizes curiosity, activity, and community.  Content varies from year to year and from group to group, but includes exploration of the world's religions, connecting with the stories of the Bible, community service and social justice concerns, and reflection on individual expressions of spirituality. 

Be sure to come a little early, so that you can tour the building with your children and meet with their teacher.  It is also a good idea to contact Lisa Benoit, our Director of Religious Education, in advance so that she can let your child's teacher know you will be coming and also answer any questions you might have about the program.