Values and Beliefs

We all come to church with our own distinct beliefs and spiritual practices.  We believe that what each of us knows about the sacred is a piece of the Truth. Personal experience, conscience, and reason are as revealing of the Truth as the experience and words of sages and prophets from the past. This means that you do not have to subscribe to a specific doctrine to belong. Instead, our congregation centers around our efforts to live full, authentic, and meaningful lives and an agreement about how to be together and in the world. 

We believe that religious wisdom is ever changing. Human understanding of life and death, the world and its mysteries, is never final. Revelation is on-going. 

We seek to act as a force for love in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion.  We believe that all beings matter and that our relationships with one another should be governed by justice, equity, and compassion. Our Affirmation and Mission Statement reflect these values and beliefs.
Our congregation is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the beliefs we hold in common are based in that tradition.  While both Unitarianism and Universalism have been practiced for centuries throughout the world, both have deep roots in American culture and history. Not surprisingly therefore, each Unitarian Universalist congregation governs itself by democratic process, hires its own staff, and forms its own covenant.  Foxborough Universalist Church places its institutional authority with its members and ultimate authority in the spirit of love.